Thursday, January 31, 2013

The last ever evening of the Beaujolais. Our last supper.

Our last day of service at the Beaujolais was the 19th of January and it didn't end till the early morning of the 20th of January. How else do you end an era? with all your friends you've made and loyal customers that you have acquired over the 40 years we have been running in Bath. We had a constant stream of people through out the day bidding us farewell and good luck for the future. There was tears and laughter and or course dancing, celebrating what we have achieved and thanking the people who helped us make it happen. Without everyones support and continued custom we wouldn't be able to say goodbye without going away with a smile on our face, knowing we sustained our success in a competitive market. We didn't realise how much we had touched the hearts of the people of Bath and are truly gob smacked by the response we have had to our closing, so thank you for everything we couldn't of asked for a better town to of been apart of.

 Last ever waitering team at the Beaujolais. Great people.

 Look at Jps face through the pictures

 The keepers of the kitchen. Working non stop without complaint great guys.

 Our talented chefs. They may look crazy in this picture but they were brilliant.

 snowball fights outside the Beaujolais, latter made there way inside as well.

 People everywhere throughout the building, beaujolais was bursting at the seams on the last night.

 This is what happens when you use flash, in the beaujolais when someone wheres a reflector jacket.

 Staff goodbyes. Such a great team we had.

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