Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boys night out

Tonight we hosted an 18th Birthday party, for 24 boys, which were in our upstairs private dinning room so that they could enjoy themselves and be as rowdy as they wanted without affecting the other customers. It is lovely to have parties ranging from the very old to the very young. The boys feasted on smoked salmon, racks of lamb, dauphinoise potatoes, chocolate brownies.We decorated the room with balloons from Funtastic from the Guildhall Market.

Bicycle Race

Jean Pierre Story: Bicycle race along the Avon canal organised by myself. It was a one off because we lost so many bicycles in the canal and contestants to the pubs along the way. There was also allot of singing in French and kissing girls.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More French Lessons

We just hosted another French lesson with another class from Warminster Prep School. It has been a delight for all involved from the restaurant it is something we haven't done before, but have enjoyed the experience greatly, Jean Pierre thinks he is a professor now!
Below are some of the Thank you Letters we received from the previous class and photos.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bath vs Toulouse Sunday Lunch

Toulouse was playing Bath today in the rugby and because Jean Pierre is from Toulouse we hosted a special lunch. In true French form we had a menu consisting of ham hock terrine to start and cassoulette from Toulouse, ending with a very English bread and butter pudding. We had a great day, however it was a shame about the match.

The French Table


1980 allot of snow fell on Bath and the Beaujolais team all went sledging at The Approach Golf Course, near Victoria Park. The lilos were by far the best sledging devices, they went so fast on them they hit the railings at the bottom.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This weeks Crunch Lunch dishes

Here are some of the dishes we are serving on our Crunch Lunch Menu 2 courses for £10. Delicious!
Pan Fried Fillet of trout with Saute Potatoes and Green Beans
Ham Hock Terrine with Toast and Chutney
Confit Leg of Pheasant with a Parsnip Mash and Jus

Bastille Day 1980's

Beaujolais used to organise a huge party for Bastille Day, for those who don't know that takes place on the 14th of July. The Parties that took place were imfamous.

For the food we just used to severe up barbecued steaks and brochettes. And LOTS of alchol.

Some amusing stories. We got banned from the Bath race course because Jean Pierre went to a friends chicken farm and got loads of bags of feathers and thought it would be a great idea to scatter the feathers at midnight like confetti. The next morning the feathers had blown all over the race course.
One year Phillipe bought fireworks, and he decided to set them off from the small flat roof above the washing up area in the restaurant. Only trouble was he had put the mortar upside down so the fireworks went through the washing up roof , through the washing up room and up through the floor. And bits of roof floated down into every bodies glasses.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

French Lesson

On Tuesday the 20th of January we had a class of children from Warminster Prep School. Who came to experience ordering and speaking in French. Jean Pierre French teacher for the morning really enjoyed this and thought they were lovely children.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Carey's 25th Birthday

Here's a few of the photos of Carey's (in the white shirt) 25th Birthday, everyone having a good time in the Beaujolais. The year these photos were taken won't be mentioned.

Gordon Ramsay for local restaurants

Gordon Ramsay's, new television programme on channel 4 is encouraging people to eat in local restaurants. We think that this is great that some one with such a big name is backing this and is understanding that this is such a big problem for local restaurants, which potentialy could see all cities being just chains.

Extract from the interview with Gordon Ramsay in The Mail on Sunday:

People should eat out to save their local restaurants.
In my new show we look at how hard it is for local restaurants in the current climate; they’re closing all the time. As punters you can help by eating there instead of at chains. So I’ve been giving a helping hand to two restaurants over the past six months. At first they had the usual problems to face, but I went back recently when the credit crunch had kicked in and I had to give them a structure for survival.

Big chains offer the same food, from Glasgow to Birmingham.
No disrespect to them, but their menus are generic. It’s crucial to support local businesses that are threatened by the big chains. What kind of a nation will we be in five years’ time if we ignore a local restaurant fighting for its life and choose instead somewhere with hundreds of identical outlets?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are back open

The day has finally arrived the restaurant is back open for business after our Christmas break.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wine of the Month

Name: Macon Lugny 07 Louis Latour

A rich white wine from the south of Burgundy, full of flavour ,dryer than your local Chablis ideal with roast birds ,vegetarian dishes or oily fish. Will do well as an opener with canapes at dinner parties.
You can find this wine at the Beaujolais Wine Shop which can be found in the entrance of the restaurant.
Single bottle for £9.03 Case £108.36

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One of the many years where the Beaujolais won the Boules

For 12 years the Beaujolais and Great Western Wine collaborated and ran a boules competition with local businesses to raise money for local charities. In total over the years we have raised £131,280. But also it has become a Bath event which many people look forward to. For the last two years Portico have kindly taken over the organization of the event.
Carey Auge and Sarah Addis manning the stations. The brains and beauty behind the event!
The final game always gets a big crowd.
Beaujolais team with the trophy, from left to right Alain, Jacque and Raph.
If you find any photos to any of our events we have featured please send them to our email address we would love to see them.


Happy Birthday Carey, still perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crunch Lunch

Feeling the pinch come and join us for our crunch lunch menu

Crunch Lunch £10.00 for 2 courses.
Soupe du Jour.
Ham Hock Terrine Apple Chutney and toasted Bread
Homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta.

Toulouse sausage with a garlic mash.
Brie, Cranberry and Apple Salad with a Walnut Dressing.
Salmon, crisp pancetta, choucroute and a juniper berry sauce.

Beaujolais Favourites
Rib Eye Steak Served with Red Wine Jus and French Fries. 15.00

Omelette with the Choice of Two Fillings, Served with a Green Salad. 7.50
Fillings: mushrooms, cheese, lardons, chorizo, tomatoes, mixed herbs, Mediterranean vegetables. (50p per extra fillings)

Snacks Olives 1.80 – Spiced Nuts 1.80Ciabatta Bread with Homemade Pesto & Hummus 4.50

We are back open on the 15th of January but we are still taking bookings
Telephone 01225 423417
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