Monday, June 22, 2009


Now is the time to make elder flower cordial, elderflower champagne, syrup, fitters etc. Because soon the flowers will turn brown and no longer useable, but never fear you can use the berries that follow which are good, added to an apple pie.
Elderflower are very common and can be found easily, however it is usually rare not to find them surrounded by stinging nettles, so when you go out to pick them remember to wear something thick like jeans, not shorts and flip flops like Carey did. The Flower heads are the ones you want to pick (above picture). They have numerous tiny cream-white flowers.
Above is a picture of the plant you do not pick that you can mistake as elderflower, also they grow very nearby so it easy to pick them by accident. They are not poisonous but they are not the ones you are after. Try not to pick elderflower by a road as they will of absorbed the car fumes.

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