Friday, July 17, 2009


8 Red Peppers diced
3 / 4 Cloves Garlic Chopped
5 leaves of Basil
80 g Butter
½ pt White Wine
1 ½ pt Water
Tabasco, Cayenne Seasoning
1. Remove Seeds from Peppers. Chop into a bits making sure they are all approximately the same size.
2. Melt Butter in a pan and add Peppers, Garlic and Basil. Season well
3. Cover with a lid and place on a very low heat.
4. Sweat it down until the peppers have become almost liquid. Make sure to stir frequently to avoid the peppers sticking to the pan
5. Add White Wine and, turning up the heat, reduce until the mixture appears to be quite thick.
6. Add the water, Tabasco and Cayenne and reduce by a 1/3
7. Blend and pass through a fine sieve and check seasoning

This will go very well with Dishes that involve Goats Cheese or a White Fish like Cod

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