Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exeter Food Festival

Last Sunday went down to Exeter to there food fair to do some food research. The weather was lovely, and there was some brilliant stalls there, and everyone was making a huge effort with there products. Also made a change that there was a big variety of stalls this time as sometimes i feel like its just cheese and chutney and sausages on sale. Here there was: Oils,dressings,chutneys (of course) , variety of wines, cider, bread, ice cream, granola, meats, veg and much more.
This girl is 15 and has set up her own business and cooks all her own granola. She thought up her business when she was 14 because she didn't like having the same cereal day after day. I was just impressed by her motivation at such a young age, and to be there by herself selling her products.

I loved this companies product. It is one of the best rapeseed oils I have tasted unfortuantly they only supply Devon area at the moment but they are looking to come up to the south west soon. So look out for them or contact them

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