Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today we visited Stroud's Farmers Market, this has become one of the largest in the West Country. It was a foodie delight. There were stalls just selling one product, we purchased the most delicious milk from Jess's Ladies Organic Cows, had forgotten milk could taste so good. We bought, quinces, Jerusalem Artichokes, Duck breasts, local apples and their juice. Have rushed back a tried the new products. Stewed the Quinces in red wine with cinnamon, five spice and muscovado sugar and ate them with cream from Jess's Ladies cows. The Jerusalem artichokes have been cooked off and served with crispy pancetta and topped with parmesan and breadcrumbs.It was nice to see vegetables still with mud on, and talk to growers with such passion and knowledge of their produce! Finally there are to most scrummy home made doughnuts, but I don't advise trying all six flavours by ones self!

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