Friday, July 2, 2010

Portugal Part 3

Below is another restaurant we tried this year when driving through the hills. Our rule of thumb with restaurants in Portugal, if there are the Portuguese eating there go there. I love how the displayed the menu at this place.
Above is chicken piri-piri. Below is a picture of the Portuguese answer to an allotment. This piece of land is owned by someone and each year people can get a bit of this land to work on. We were talking to a man who is 97 and is still working his plot by himself and selling it to the local market; he was telling us that they can only do summer crops because in the winter the river overflows and floods the whole field. He also told me that those grass looking plants in long rows are chickpeas.
Below is some food we ate at the local restaurant round the corner from these allotments.
Melon and ham + a strawberry. Below is fried fish with rice and salad.
Above is a restaurant we ate in Travia. We asked a local Portuguese man where to eat for lunch and he pointed us up the street and said keep asking people for directions to Restaurante Ze Maria. Sure enough everybody knew this place and we kept walking and walking and we ended up in a housing estate and just as soon as we were abought to turn back because we thought it can't be here there it was packed full of people. We sat down waited for the menu, No menu just a man saying meat or fish so we took both.
I didn't know I would get this much food! There is 9 whole fish there and before they had given us 6 sardines. And below is 2 pork steaks each, 2 plates of chips and of course tomato and onion salad. It was all absolutely delicious and it took about an hour and a bit to finish it all but it was defiantly worth it. The added bonus was that it all cost an amazing 46 euros.

I just had to post this picture of custard cakes and espresso coffees and must be by delta coffee because they are the best.

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