Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jean Pierre Returns To His Home Town

Jean Pierre for his 60th birthday was surprised by his family and taken to Montaubon his hometown in France. On the Saturday morning we went to visit the market, as we know is one of the main things besides his family that he misses alot about France. The market is a social event where people get together to chat and gossip. I like it because its so different to the ones in England, you defiantly see alot of meat, like the French they sell every part of the animal. For example Jean Pierre bought Fritton which is cooked off bits of duck skin which is eaten as a snack.

A stall selling meat. Horse, beef, calf, lamb, pork and charcuterie.

A woman has just bought some live chickens.

Giant brussel sprouts, one of them was nearly the size of an apple.

Duck Ribs Tolouse Sasuage

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