Monday, January 19, 2009

Gordon Ramsay for local restaurants

Gordon Ramsay's, new television programme on channel 4 is encouraging people to eat in local restaurants. We think that this is great that some one with such a big name is backing this and is understanding that this is such a big problem for local restaurants, which potentialy could see all cities being just chains.

Extract from the interview with Gordon Ramsay in The Mail on Sunday:

People should eat out to save their local restaurants.
In my new show we look at how hard it is for local restaurants in the current climate; they’re closing all the time. As punters you can help by eating there instead of at chains. So I’ve been giving a helping hand to two restaurants over the past six months. At first they had the usual problems to face, but I went back recently when the credit crunch had kicked in and I had to give them a structure for survival.

Big chains offer the same food, from Glasgow to Birmingham.
No disrespect to them, but their menus are generic. It’s crucial to support local businesses that are threatened by the big chains. What kind of a nation will we be in five years’ time if we ignore a local restaurant fighting for its life and choose instead somewhere with hundreds of identical outlets?

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  1. Good for Gordon! We need that same attitude in America. The major chains are killing the small restaurants and making it difficult for them to be seen. Despite his gruff appearance on tv, he seems like a good guy that really cares about people.


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