Friday, January 23, 2009

Bastille Day 1980's

Beaujolais used to organise a huge party for Bastille Day, for those who don't know that takes place on the 14th of July. The Parties that took place were imfamous.

For the food we just used to severe up barbecued steaks and brochettes. And LOTS of alchol.

Some amusing stories. We got banned from the Bath race course because Jean Pierre went to a friends chicken farm and got loads of bags of feathers and thought it would be a great idea to scatter the feathers at midnight like confetti. The next morning the feathers had blown all over the race course.
One year Phillipe bought fireworks, and he decided to set them off from the small flat roof above the washing up area in the restaurant. Only trouble was he had put the mortar upside down so the fireworks went through the washing up roof , through the washing up room and up through the floor. And bits of roof floated down into every bodies glasses.

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